Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, we did it. Just booked flights to visit our friends over at Adventures in Dubai!

We've been talking about wanting to visit and once my friends (I mean that loosely!) at United informed me that my unexpirable miles will be expiring in August, that was the final push to get us to book the trip.

Gilbert seemed excited about the trip as it means he gets to stay with his grandparents! All of them were gracious enough to take a shift in watching and caring for Little Man!


Evenson Family said...

We are excited to have you come stay and visit Dubai!! Glad you had miles to use up...yippee!!
I will start working on the "agenda!"
Hugs from Dubai!!
Looks like we have friends to join us at the Dubai World Cup Again!! Kristen, start hat shopping. I am wearing a vintage 'number' I got antiquing this summer!!

Ms. Mayhem said...

Green, green, really green with envy!!!