Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DVD Solution

I posted earlier about my DVD debacle. Thanks to Gershwin Drive on her post. After some research, her comments were confirmed and I decided to purchase a standard DVD player and use a HDMI cord. That was the plan...

A little more research and I discovered a better option. Surprisingly, Sony's BluRay players have been panned (and they created the darn technology!). BestBuy has a house brand (Insignia) and gets high marks for value for money. A little more research discovered strong reviews by customers.

This week Best Buy is advertising a sale on the player ($129 - normally $199). The player is wifi enabled and also streams Netfix! Sold!

Within 15 minutes, I had the player set up, configured to my network, downloaded the firmware, registered it with Netflix and began to stream a movie! Sweet. All this enabled technology freaks Kristen out at times. A good example...

I had the Netflix screen up on the television and as I added movies to the queue on the computer, the screen on the television updated nearly simultaneously showing the new movies.

It gets better.

Best Buy was also offering a sale on Logitech's Harmony One remote. I'm tired of having five remotes. This touch screen remote is truly universal. One button activates all the necessary components. For example, want to watch a movie, hit the Watch a Movie button and my DVD, stereo receiver and tv turn on. The remote is being sold ($100 off!) at the same price as the lesser model as part of a promotion.

With all the remotes gone, Little Man now has an arsenal of "my remotes" to play with while not touching "mama, dada's remote".

Christmas has come a little early to Team Johnson.

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Evenson Family said...

All I have to say is "YOU BOYS AND YOUR DAMN TECHNOLOGY"'s like instant "hard-on" isn't it??!! I'll never get it...but then don't get scrapbooking I'm sure!! Glad you are so you can download illegally like someone else I know and you both can go to jail!!! Happy Movie Watching!!!