Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Were you ghoulish this Halloween? Did you trick or treat?
We were excited this year as Gilbert now is beginning to 'get' a lot of the holidays. I posted how he knew it was his birthday and it was a special day for him. Same goes for Halloween. We taught him to say 'trick or treat'.

For Halloween, we were in MI with Kristen's family. It was cold and windy and with Gilbert under the weather we deferred on walking house to house and instead resorted to having stay dressed in his costume and just help Grandpa hand out candy at the door. He loved it! Very intrigued by all the costumes he would venture to the glass front door so he could get a closer look, but I believe it was that door and Grandpa that gave him the comfort and not to be scared by all the strangeness!

However, with the weather so cold it was difficult to get a good picture as Gilbert had his coat on while outside for a short time. We did snap some pics while in Houston as he got dressed up along with his cousin.

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