Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shake Maker Fix

That's right, the blender has been fixed re a new purchase! Hearing, "Shake broken" for a full week wore me down so we bought a sleek new blender over the weekend. The old blender is being repaired so it is back to two (perhaps three if I can get the other one fixed too)!

Gilbert was calling the blender 'shake' so to break him of that it is now the 'Shake Maker'. He is so happy to have a shake maker operational! come Sunday night when we fired it up, he proclaimed, "Shake maker fix." Sweet.

The video is from this morning. I've taught him how to work the blender so I no longer need to stand over it and him. I just tell him what number to push and away we go.

Our new blender is sleek. And quiet. The two now broken were loud. Airplane buzzing the building loud. The Black and Decker model was awesome, but I think they put in a drill motor. Ear plugs required. When Little Man was really little, the sound of the blender scared him to tears!

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