Monday, November 9, 2009

The Not So Friendly Twos Have Arrived!

Ornery. Defiant. Difficult. Three words to describe Little Man's moods as of late. This morning was no exception. All was going well. He accompanied me downstairs to drop off the dry cleaning. As much as I protest to the 'Mr. Dry Cleaning Man', he insists on offering Gilbert a sucker.

Well, I removed it (what I thought to be in a very deft manner) only for him to melt down. We asked Gilbert to put away his shoes and hang up his jacket (a common request) and his response was to turn on the tear and snot factory and just sit (and then lay) on the floor sobbing. All while calling for his "Suuuckker. Suuuccckeer." We alternated comforting and ignoring him in the attempt to get him to complete his chore. Eventually it works, but was exhausting in the process.

Oh yeah, he doesn't want to walk anymore. Wants to ride on Dad's "shouldees" or just be carried. It comes in spurts and with no particular pattern. Some times he wants to walk to the park, other times not. But if he doesn't want to walk and you do not accommodate, oh boy! Stomps the feet, tears come. Good times!

How long does this phase last?


Evenson Family said...

Ha ha...your time has's so fun...really...sometimes you just have to laugh it out, right??!! Your blog made me smile. Good times, oh, yeah!!
But here's my question, "Gilbert? He's just so cute, sweet, and mild mannered...are you sure??!!

Anonymous said...

3 is even better... and the bigger the kid the bigger the tantrum. Did that make you feel better ;) Emily

Tucker said...

I would have to agree. You think 2 is bad just wait for 3.