Monday, November 16, 2009

Things Fall Apart, Part II

And the list continues. Latest casualty? My DVD player.

Funny story. Kristen always accuses me of being full of shit and that I bluff on what I'm talking about. She buys it because I say it with such confidence, she says (for the record, I am right almost all the time!).

Anyway, last week we watched Duplicity. The movie had a blue and yellow hue to everything. She immediately insisted something was wrong (she is an interior designer after all so color is her thang!). I questioned it and said the movie must have been filmed that way. My theory was based on the fact the opening scenes were in Dubai and look back (you know how in movies the lookbacks seem to be filmed differently to give the effect of not being in present time?). She still insisted it was wrong. So, I turned off the DVD player and switched to TV. Color was fine. Must be the filming or a bad DVD we surmised.

Well, over the weekend I watched another movie. Same thing, but worse. The DVD no longer is working properly. No R, in the R G B color wheel! Kristen saw this and jumped all over me for it!

So, now it is time for a new DVD. At first I was upset, then realized the DVD was seven years old and I bought it as a floor model for $99. Good value in return.

Time to upgrade to BlueRay, I say! So the research begins. Any readers out there have a BluRay DVD player? Would welcome your thoughts.

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Jenn said...

No BlueRay player in my house, but I was actually listening to the Video Production team at work talk about the benefits of a BlueRay v. DVD player last week. After much back and forth it was decided that the BlueRay is nice, but if you have a quality high-definition TV a quality DVD player (aka recognizable brand) coupled with the HDMI cords on your HD TV should give you a good picture - and be right on par with what the BlueRay player will. Their consensus: just go with the DVD player because DVD's are cheaper than BlueRay discs and the player is much cheaper as well for not much of a difference in quality.

Let us know what you decide to do!