Monday, November 23, 2009

20 + 21 = Chaos!

Saturday was the 15th anniversary of Turkey Bash! Originally started by a good friend of mine in college after winning a turkey at a raffle, the event has evolved dramatically. The concept is the weekend before Thanksgiving friends gathered to celebrate and kickoff the holiday season. At its pinnacle, we'd have a bunch of guys gather on Friday night, drink, go bowling or play poker, make a midnight run to the grocery store for the foodstuff and then in a hangover stupor prepare the turkey. And a big turkey at that. This year was 28 pounds (the record, I believe, is 30!).

Well, we have gone from single to married to married with kids. As a result, the evening has changed dramatically. This year the adults were outnumbered by the kids (20 to 21). You can imagine the atmosphere! Sanctuary was in the garage with the beer fridge. Next year, organized arts and crafts!

Like every year, the tradition continues and each year is always a good time to see friends, enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner and prepare for the onslaught of the holiday season!

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Evenson Family said...

So sad we missed it!! Hope you all ate a little extra turkey for the 3 of us!! BTW...that is a lot of kids...OMG...!!!!!!!!!!!!
We missed you all. Happy Thanksgiving and we can't wait until our evening out in the city!!!