Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double Whammy

Gilbert started to develop a cold over the weekend and soon his eyes were crusting over. Fearing pink eye, we learned it was just good old-fashioned conjunctivitis. While being checked out, the doctor informed us Little Man had a double ear infection. No idea!

Again, Gilbert baffles us by showing no signs. No tugging of the ears, no fever, no pain. What a trooper!
He did stay home Monday and Tuesday and was a bit ragged the entire time. Kudos to Kristen for being able to handle him. Now she's not feeling well!

I'm pleased to report he is feeling much better and after an extended night of sleep, he woke up quite happy informing us he wish to play Wii. Welcome back Little Man! Now Kristen needs to get better. I'm considering sleeping in a bubble.

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Sarah said...

Hope Gilbert and Kristen are better soon! Stay well Patrick!