Sunday, February 28, 2010

Renovation - Curret Status

The goal was to have the renovation completed in a week. Negative, ghost rider. At least another day's worth of work needs to be done.

  • The kitchen is nearly complete. Just need to grout and replace the white plate covers with stainless steel.
  • New doors along with existing and new trim need to be painted.
  • The master bath has been painted its new color, new light fixtures are in, and the door is in place. Kristen needs to find a mirror and touch up painting remains.

  • The now new hallway is nearly complete. Electrical, new light fixture, and new closest doors are in. Just need to add the hardware and some painting.

  • New light fixture in the guest bath too.

The setbacks. On Wednesday, one of the workers had his van broken into and the wet saw stolen. As a result, the kitchen took longer and the saw was needed for some of the tiles. The ripple effect continued as other aspects feel behind as well. Oh yeah, the master bath and master bedroom were the same paint color. We thought we had some existing paint remaining and would just use that to paint the hallway. Nope. No paint. So Kristen had to scramble to pick a new paint color. We go from light blue to an airy green. I like it!

Overall, we like the changes. A few new challenges have emerged as a result, and we might have done some aspects differently (but isn't that always the case!), but we like what has been done!

And for those of you just riveted by the renovation, a few more pictures. Once the project is completed, I'll post before and after pictures.


Sarah said...

LOVE the backsplash in the kitchen! Did you do a lot of the work yourself or contract it out?

Anonymous said...

PJ wanted to do alot of it himself, but we have a little "Helper" that also lives here that would have made it impossible. Contractor that I work with did the job.

Evenson Family said...

Love the backsplash as well. Looks good...Can't really picture the bath before but I like the finished product!