Thursday, February 25, 2010

Renovation - Day 2

More prep for the big stuff took place on Day 2. However, some noticeable changes are evident.

The master bath/bedroom continues to evolve. The closet door is in place. New electrical is installed with the cuts now taped and mudded over. However, a challenge may have emerged. A stud is in the place where Kristen wants to install one of the lighting sconces. Uh oh!

The door that was removed from the bedroom was recycled and now is in the place of the flimsy, vented bi-fold door for the laundry room. Turns out the w/d was already vented so code does not require a vented door. With the solid door, the noise has been cut down dramatically. Very nice!

In the kitchen the tile backsplash has started to go up. It looks awesome. Still needs to be grouted and run up the side and over the cabinets, but the difference is already profound making the kitchen much lighter!

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Jenn said...

The tile on your backsplash looks great! We're thinking about using very similar tile (maybe even the same tile) in our kitchen.