Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Outing

Gilbert had been harping all last week about wanting to ride the "L" train. With a case of cabin fever, we decided to grant his request and at the same time have a meal out.

With a 2 for 1 coupon, it was off to Goose Island. We rode the Green Line to the Red Line and then hoofed it the rest of the way. Little Man was euphoric! He kept saying 'subway' as we walked down the stairs into the belly of the city to catch the Red Line. And then once off, he loved playing chase and hide on the sidewalk (this game consists of dad running ahead and hiding behind whatever impediment was on the street).

At Goose Island, he was fired up. You can see the mircobrew in process and so we got a lot of "What's that?" questions. Each vat had the Goose Island logo so he would say, "I want to look at the Goose!".

The best part was yet to come. A large party was having dinner and celebrating what appeared to be a birthday. Gilbert spied a homemade cake and starting belting out (unprompted!), "Happy Birthday to you." The matriarch walked over and offered him a piece. Talk about working it.! He even commented on the 'sprinkles'.

After dinner we headed home with Gilbert now wanting to catch the bus. Well, thank you CTA for the service cutbacks as we walked two miles (and made it home) before seeing a bus!

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Sarah said...

Bummer about the bus but the rest seems like a great time! Public transportation is so amazing to the kids!