Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let The Demolition Begin - Day 1

The condo renovations have officially started. Monday was spent shuffling furniture around and Tuesday morning was used to cover everything with plastic.

The crew ripped out walls and begin to frame out the changes to the bathroom. Gilbert is loving all the action. The crew left all their stuff under tarps, but Little Man was quick to remove it and discover the mother lode of vacuums...the shop vac! All night last and this morning he kept commenting, "Larry's big vacuum!" Larry is the lead.
Here are some pictures of the work in progress.

Living in a condo equals storage space challenges. Solution, raise the bed. As a result, we keep a lot of 'stuff' under our bed. Here is just some of that 'stuff'.

Master bathroom. Looking out from the tub. The master bathroom is connected to a short hallway. A door closes off both from the bedroom. We decided to rip out the door and expand the entry to the same width as the hallway to create a more open floor plan. A new door is being placed at the entrance to the bathroom. We got tired of walking in on each other's 'private time' just to get to the closest!

The living room is the new storage location for all the furniture. Every thing is covered tight to avoid drywall dust collecting. Gilbert loves to play with the plastic!

Master bathroom. Looking from bedroom into bath. You can see the framing is now in where the new door will be hung. Also, we are replacing the developer-grade bi-fold door with nice french doors. Cool.

We are replacing the big slate of glass mirror with a more artisan one (up to Kristen to find it!). Oh yeah, the awesome hollywood lighting is coming out along with the developer-grade faucet. In comes new sconce lighting that will flank the mirror and a cool new faucet. Could more 'goop' have been used to afix the mirror to the wall?

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