Monday, February 1, 2010


We spent the weekend at the Kalahari. No, not in Africa. The Wisconsin Dells!

Quite a set up, the resort has an indoor waterpark to help shake the winter blahs. Quickly becoming an annual pilgrimage, we went up with two other families for a fun, and wet, weekend!

Last year, Gilbert had yet to start walking so we were limited to the kiddie section. Not this year! He wanted to do it all! He especially liked going down the big raft rides with mommy and daddy. I got a workout carrying him up five flights of stairs! By the end of the trip, I had him going down the ride with arm ups and screaming at the same time. His eyes wide with fun, excitement, and a splash of fear. The ingredients for a thrilling experience!

When not going on the rides, he was interested in a water pouring pulleys throughout the place. You know, pull the rope and water fills up the top bucket and then spills over into the other and so forth often drenching the very person pulling on the rope!


Sarah said...

The Dells is definitely the place to beat those winter blues!

Evenson Family said...

How fun...wish we could have joined you!! Looks like the crew had a great time.