Sunday, February 14, 2010

Witnessing History

I love the Olympics. I believe it started when I was a kid. My parents were big on the Olympics. I remember watching the events with them. After the Miracle On Ice, there was an exhibition tour in the US and my dad took me to see the US and Russia play. It was awesome!

The ad campaign and run up did not seem as grand as Olympics past. Or maybe it is because we don't watch NBC much. Any reason, I wasn't really thinking about being an active viewing participant. That quickly changed. Watching some of the opening ceremonies and ski jumping began to bring back the fond memories and I was quickly hooked.

Well, today I'm glad I watched. I witnessed history, if not from afar. For the first time EVER the US won a medal in the men's combined nordic. Ski jumping and cross-country skiing. Talk about cross training!

The cross country was exhilarating with 3 US in the final pack all vying for a medal. I found myself yelling "Go, go, go!" and slapping the table in encouragement as if I was track-side. It was an awesome sprint finish in which we captured the silver. I even watched it again (thank you DVR!).
My point? If you don't watch the Olympics you are missing out!


Sarah said...

We are enjoying it over here as well! I really enjoyed the men's speed skating with Apollo Ohno!

Jenn said...

I'm big on the Olympics this year, but unfortunately, my MBA studies have greatly curtailed my chances to watch :(