Monday, March 1, 2010

Explain This To Me

Chicago (perhaps Illinois?) schools are closed today celebrating the life of one Mr. Casmir Pulaski. As such, Gilbert is home and so am I. Actually, Little Man and Kristen are going to MI to see grandparents (part of the prep for Dubai). With an empty home, I taking advantage of the quiet time to paint the master bedroom the new color Kristen selected.

I'm moving around furniture and need to understand the following...

We have a wine refrigerator and being the creative sort, velcroed small wood blocks on top and then put a round table top on that draped to convey the presence of an end table. And the resident interior designer has a nice vignette on top (definitely not my handywork!).

I took this apart so I could move the wine refrigerator. When I took off the table top, I found a thick layer of dust on top of it! How is possible? The entire thing was draped with a tablecloth (that easily touches the floor!) underneath that a 30" round table top. So the 'Dust' somehow permeated through the tablecloth and miraculously was able to circulate around and then under the tabletop before settling on the wine frig? C'mon! That just doesn't make sense to me!

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