Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bring On Daylight Savings Time

Gilbert has been waking up pre-5am lately. Yes, in the 4am hour. Totally unacceptable. We leave him in his room. Crying, yelling, or reading it doesn't matter. He does not go back to sleep. Ugh. As a result, he can be moody in the morning. And the kicker is he's not tired at night. Still goes to bed at 7am'ish.

I blame Daylight Savings Time. When we 'fell back' he was sleeping until 6am or so. After the switch, it was the current scenario. Kristen and I are counting the days until we 'spring ahead' and get an hour of life back!


Sarah said...

We had the same problem in the summer so we bought some curtains for the boys room. Nothing special but they do a decent job of blocking out the light.

PJ said...

Thanks. If G's room was any darker, he'd have sensory deprivation! His sleep cycle is just ebbing right now. Grrr!