Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For All The Mommies Out There...

We leave for an overseas trip in less than two weeks. Little Man will not be accompanying us. The first extended trip without Gilbert, Kristen is dealing with all the emotional challenges (I'll miss him too, of course!), but has a paticular sense of dread about us leaving Gilbert.

Would love to hear from the audience about their stories and how they dealt with the flood of emotions!


Ms. Mayhem said...

You gotta trust he is going to be fine and focus on the fun you are going to have. That being said, we left Jack when he was about 14 months while we took a train through Canada for two weeks and of course, I welled up pretty good when we returned homw and we were racing to see to hug him first when we spotted him at the airport when we de-planed.

Janet said...

It doesn't matter how long of a trip you take, you will always worry and have issues with relaxing when you leave your child or children. My brain always ran away with anxious thoughts but we'd go and have a great time and so did the girls. It's good for you and Kristen to have an adventure and Gilbert will be in the loving care of his grandparents. Have a wonderful time, enjoy. The time does pass quickly and you'll be back home before you know it.

Sarah said...

Andy and I have taken a few trips of several days each and you do think about the kids but know that they are in good hands! Do you have access to skype? Then you could call and see him while you are away!

Evenson Family said...

All good stuff...and YES...we DO have Skype!! Look at it this way...both sets of grandparents are going to EAT this up with a spoon...they get a chance to do this without YOU around and they LOVE that!! As for your's tough but good all around. Good for Gilbert, you guys, and the grandparents!! Now...stop worrying about it god danm it...and get are going to HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!!!!! P.S. We have tons of alcohol!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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