Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Close With Urban Wildlife

A short look behind the curtain. I love zombie movies. During our Suburban Experiment I was fixated on total world chaos and used that as a litmus test to determine if we would survive. We failed miserably. So I set out to create a "When All Hell Breaks Loose" kit. It was a sealable Tupperware bin that ended up contains cold weather clothes, blankets, food stuffs, first aid, glow sticks, duct tape, flashlight, rope (you know, to tether the zombies for scientific experiments), water bottles, tool kit, NOA something radio and more. I was quite proud of my achievement. Even made a smaller version for the car.

Back in the city, I stashed the kit in the basement. Well, with all the painting taking place in the condo, I used this time as an opportunity to clean and rearrange our basement storage locker. Out came the kit. Much of the stuff is not needed now as it is in our tiny condo space. Not to mention the foodstuff is not longer, er, food. One item, peanuts was included.

So, we decided to take the peanuts to the park and introduce Gilbert to feeding the geese, ducks, seagulls, etc. What fun!

Gilbert and Kristen hung back while I went down and started to throw the peanuts. First to arrive were the city vultures - seagulls. Then the ducks, and lastly the geese. Geese know no bounds and were quickly up in my grill. Kristen was nervous they would attack Little Man so I had to pick up.

Gilbert loved throwing the peanuts. This was part of the problem. Traveling only a few feet, the geese had to come up close to get the food, thus bring the birds closer to Little Man.

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