Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wheels Up

Team Johnson is back! Sitting in our garage spot is a new(er) Santa Fe. Yep, we bought another one! Hey, the first car was good to us so why not get another one? Friday night was spent at McGrath Hyundai negotiating for a 2008. In the end it worked out well and after a few hours I drove off with a silver Santa Fe. The car has been upgraded from the model we had originally and for the buck is a great car. I recommend it!

Knowing the process would take time, I went out alone but wasn't sure if I'd need Kristen. That problem was solved when I learned my credit score was over 800! I thought the salesman was gonna give me a hug when I saw the tears of joy pool in his eyes! Just kidding, but it did guarantee one kick-ass interest rate!

So, 2009 brings us a new car. I wonder what other surprises await?


Evenson Family said...

We have the 2008 Tuscon, SP??, and love it as well. Hey, great gas mileage, comfty and cosy, and looks good too!! I think it looks like the Volvo, BMW, and Porsche...just a ton cheaper...Good Buy...

Sarah said...

Very nice! Glad you've got some wheels to get around in this cold weather!