Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guitar Heroes?

On New Year's Day we headed out to spend the afternoon with some friends. They are recent purchasers of the Wii so I brought along the Wii Fit so they could try it out. Instead we ended up dueling on Guitar Hero! Tim claims not to be into video games, but based on this picture he likes to rock out. For the record, his wife kicked his butt even though he racked up the 'star power'!

They also have Little People and it was fun to watch them play and interact. Here Gilbert demonstrates the proper headbutt on their littlest little people.

Quickly followed by the pupil showing the teacher!

We were there well into the evening so for the car ride home we switched Gilbert into his pj's. It was like a second wind and we caught some photos with their daughter.

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Anonymous said...

All Tim is missing is the mullet! Gotta love the Prerosts! Happy New Year- Emily and crew