Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's My Motivation?

No, I'm not a method actor. It is a new year and I've yet to clasp on to my 'thing' (clean minds, please) for 2009. I'm not a resolutionist, but instead use the new year to explore or do something new.

Such an approach has taken me down interesting paths shaping some of my past and current hobbies and interests; triathlons, sky diving, karate, mixed martial arts (derailed by the damn bike accident), scotch, wine, and pro bono volunteer work as well as taking on a really fun home improvement project when we lived in the 'burbs.

But I'm struggling this year to find my 'thing' (again, clean minds folks!). I know my buddies in the Crony Cup are screaming "Play more golf!", but perhaps there is something else? Learn a new language, pursue some professional development, or perhaps rekindle a past hobby or interest? Whatever it is, I haven't found it and I think being in limbo is affecting my chi!

Any suggestions?


Ms. Mayhem said...

Build something. Be it a ship in a bottle, a model race car or a bookshelf/rock chair/etc for Gil...Be a master craftsman or at least fake it in 2009.

Jenn said...

Read more books...fiction or non-fiction for fun or for work or for general knowledge. In my opinion, you can never read enough books!

Rebecca said...

I think Blogging is your thing. You're pretty darn good at it!