Friday, January 23, 2009

Going Post-al!

I was reading the tagline of my blog this morning when I realized I write about only one aspect of what the blog was meant to be. Currently, you, the reader, get a full does of Gilbert through the eyes of someone experiencing fatherhood. I wonder, am I depriving my readers by not sharing the comedy and tragedy that is my sanity and perhaps domestic bliss (that might involve permissions from the Inspector General aka my wife)? Maybe? Maybe not!

Let the experiement begin. From this point forward expect to see posts that venture into these areas. If you couldn't care less (why do people always say "I could care less"? Does that mean they could, but choose not to or that they do care, but just not that much? I'm confused.) about this information, let me know.

I don't want to lose my core readership that really only cares about Gilbert and couldn't care less about my life in general terms or whether I have whoopi with my wife (oops, probably should have cleared that with the IG!).

And it begins...