Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band

Sunday morning we had a date with a band. Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band were in town. Because Gilbert is on the on wait list, the Montessori School - host to the band - we receive invites to some of the school's events.

This seemed like fun and would be a different way to spend our Sunday morning. And with brunch scheduled with some friends, this would lead right up to it!

The place was packed! The kids were invited to come in their pj's and come in their pj's they did!

The band has six members, but only three for this occasion. The lead singer, Alex, is a music teacher and his story on how the band was created is quite interesting. Check them out here. The entire concert was interactive with kids and parents making sounds and responding to the chorus. One song was just for the dad's and we were encouraged to the one thing I love to do with Gilbert...throw him in the air.

Gilbert is transitioning out of his 'two a days' for naps. He's been dropping the morning nap and unfortunately on this day, he looked like he could use it!. As the concert came to a close, so did Gilbert! As evident from this photo, he was going zombie on us, but I had to included it because I think it is a good photo of Kristen.

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