Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cost Conscious Treat

In my building is a caffe called Caffe Rom. People flock to it for their morning jolt of caffeine. On occasion I venture in for another treat they have called Yo-Fruit. Basically it is a parfait of granola, fruit, and low-fat yogurt. Originally, I would indulge maybe once every few weeks. Then it became once a week, and then finally a few times a week.

I had an epiphany after a few months that I was just as bad as those coffee addicts that shell out four bones for flavored java, but instead I was paying as much for simply a healthier high (remember I have never drank coffee, ever! And giving me caffeine is the equivalent of giving any addict keys to the store loaded with the vice of choice. Translation. PJ on caffeine...very bad!).

So, I took control. I make my own now. I dropped just north of$10 initially for a double box of Kaisha from Costco and a large container of low-fat vanilla yogurt. As my base, I anticipate getting at least 20 servings. Another $5 - $10 gets me my fruit whether fresh, frozen, or canned (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mandarin oranges.etc.) and KA-POW! I'm in business with an equally healthy and substantially cheaper alternative.

If you have kids, what a great way to get fruit, dairy, and fiber into their daily diet. Same goes for adults. Especially if you are fiber challenged! And it tastes great along with all the different textures. All that remains is a cool name for my pirated concoction!


Jenn said...

I eat yogurt mixed with grape nuts cereal almost every day. I get some weird looks at work about it, but it does taste great. I have a "thing" about mixing fruit with other foods, but I may have to try adding some freshly cut fruit sometime.

Sarah said...

Yo-fruit-olas! Say it fast and it's kind of cool. Sounds yummy!