Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gymboree Fun

Kristen and Gilbert made one of their weekly visits to Gymboree and had a blast! Through Gilbert's class both he and Kristen have met some wonderful people. C and O are often at the class or open gyms at the same time and the mom's have enjoyed hanging out.

This past class seemed to be especially fun just from viewing the pictures. Kristen snapped a lot, but with the kids moving so much only a few were actually in focus!

Both C and O are walking and running while Gilbert prefers to scoot. As a result, he often is content watching them move. Sometimes C's older brother (S) will come to class and Gilbert particularly likes watching S zoom around as he is doing here along with O (and her mom) and C.


Anonymous said...

seems the camera got fixed and a new car- all is right in the Johnson house! Emily

Sarah said...

It's amazing Kristin got any pictures of this active bunch! The little ones really do enjoy watching Sully run all over the place!

Rebecca said...

It's getting more and more difficult to get good pictures, but Kristen managed just fine. We love seeing you guys at Gymboree!