Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gilbert and Dada Have Breakfast

The benevolent husband that I am, I let Kristen sleep in this morning and I took on Gilbert duties (then again, she let me have a two hour nap on Saturday!). Of course Little Man did not get the memo about sleeping in and instead woke up early.

We did the usual, dump every toy from his bins, chug his morning milk, star out the window and survey the back forty and partook in the pinnacle of his morning...breakfast.

With time to spend on it, I whipped up some wicked scrambled eggs mixed with cheese, tomatoes, and yellow peppers. Accompanying the eggs was Gilbert's favorite staple - a piece of whole grain toast, along with bananas and some yogurt. As you can see he was not happy with me as I wouldn't let him dig in until I took a photo of the morning's breakfast.

I thoroughly enjoy having breakfast with Little Man. Perhaps because he'll eat my eggs (Kristen likes it without all the fixin's) or maybe because he will it all (lunch and dinner he does have his limits!).

Those of you with kids, let me ask you this. Do you find yourself eating the same food as your kids either because it is convenient or they don't eat it all and you, like the turkey vulture that you are, finish off what remains?

I have. In fact I usually just put my food on his plate. Easier cleanup. For the eggs, I always just make more and pile it on Gilbert's plate! This morning, though, I cut up some blood oranges (a tasty discovery when Kristen and I went to Italy a few years ago) for myself figuring Gilbert would not want them considering the pulp, etc.

Oh contrare. Not only did he scarf his food, but he loved the oranges!

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Sarah said...

Love the face when he eats the orange! Having kids is a great excuse to eat those "kid foods." I love to have grilled cheese, breakfast for dinner, and graham crackers!