Saturday, December 13, 2008


That is the sound Kristen makes playing our new Wii! Yep, I succumbed to my urge (been fighting it for months) and bought the console last week. With the winter blowing our faces - everyday! - and being home bound most nights, I thought having a Wii would be good for Kristen and I and keep us off the couch.

Who am I kidding. I wanted the Tiger Woods game!

But seriously, in just a week Kristen has become semi-addicted, but no near matching my full-own monkey on my back addition! My bedtime has definitely become later in the evening!
Wii comes with some sports games such as bowling, boxing and tennis. She's hooked on the tennis, but she needs to learn spatial relations. I've been hit numerous times by her as she swings wildly with the controller as she simulates hitting the tennis ball!

Wii has some unexpected surprises. You can build a Mii which is a digital version of yourself and it is customized to look as you want it. Tall, short; skinny; fat. Pick the face shape, hair, eye, and skin color; glasses/no glasses and the list goes on. As you play the games you build experience and Mii's skills improved. You can actually create a Mii that closely resembles your real-life look. How boring!

In just the first night it was evident why Wii is a hit. I was a sweaty mess after a few boxing matches. Nothing feels better than pummeling a virtual opponent!

I'd love to talk about Tiger Woods golf, but then this post would be come a book!

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Anonymous said...

Tag LOVES Wii. He is getting pretty good at the regular golf and rocks at bowling!