Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making Fun of Family

I brought the Wii to the family Christmas this past weekend. It was their first exposure to the game experience and it is safe to say they are all hooked. By the time the day was over everyone was contemplating buying a Wii the next day.

We all have a competitive nature and the Wii seems to bring it out. Whether it was tennis, bowling, or boxing watching family vs. family was quite entertaining.

But not as entertaining as watching the flailing of arms and bodies playing the game! My father-in-law was addicted to bowling. My brother-in-law took particular pleasure knocking out his wife in boxing, and my sister-in-law swore like a sailor playing just about every game (I didn't realize how competitive she could be!). Oh yeah, there was plenty of bruises too as spatial boundaries were violated by swinging arms and hands!


Sarah said...

You are seriously making me consider getting one!

jenn said...

My husband has suffered a few elbows from me while playing our Wii...I'm notorious for swinging my arms very widely during tennis and punching a little too dramatically during boxing.

We just got the Wii Fit as an early Christmas present and I highly recommend it. It is a lot of fun, the personal trainers are good motivators, and you really do get a good work out in as long as you do several of the skills at a time. Not to mention, the games on there are awesome (soccer, ski jumping, etc.).