Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gilbert and Dad @ Gymboree

On Friday I ended my work week early and with Gilbert went to Gymboree. Kristen is/was not feeling well so I thought a few hours of quiet would be appreciated. That and I love going to Gymboree and miss it terribly now that Gilbert goes during the week. Hey Sarah and Rebecca where were you!

Gilbert loves Gymboree. Friday is open and gym and kids are free to do what they want. Called it organized chaos. Most parents just sit and watch from a distance allowing their child to explore.

Gilbert still has yet to walk, but he's mobile and now loves to climb and bounce. See below (sorry I shot the video in the wrong orientation and can't rotate!). He's still an observer first, participant second so a lot of his time he's watching the other kids while doing his thing!

Little Man is beginning to scale. Furniture, stairs, etc. To lure him up the stairs I used the camera case. Watch him go.


Rebecca said...

So sorry we missed you! Matt ended up "working from home", so we just hung out all day. Hopefully we'll see you next time:)

Sarah said...

Mondays seem to be a better day for us! Sorry we missed you!