Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Texas

We spent the past week celebrating Christmas in Houston. Staying with my parents, my sister and my niece came down for part of the week as well. Because my brother-in-law had to work we opened presents throughout the week. In part because it seemed silly to wait until the end of the week for the kids to open the presents that they could play with!

So, we opened a few presents on Tuesday, Christmas Eve, and again on Christmas Day. My niece, Maddie is 1 1/2, and with Gilbert just north of a year, the impact of Christmas Day is still limited so for them opening presents every day was fine by them!

Maddie is the antithesis of Gilbert. Cancelling out Gilbert's calm, reserved demeanor is Maddie's fun energy. We attempted to get a picture of both in front of the tree, but Maddie was so happy and excited, she was just a blur in every photo. Dressed in red, I thought I had pictures of the Flash! Regardless, they both looked, er, adorable in their holiday best!

Maddie did slow down long enough to help Gilbert inspect is booty of presents.

It was interesting to observe as the two interacted. Especially in a few instances when Maddie would 'borrow' one of the toys Gilbert was playing with. Sometimes he had a bewildered look on his face like 'what just happened?' or you could see him get his dander up, his brow furrow, and then reach out to reclaim his item. Sometimes with success, most often not. But the moment would be quickly lost and Little Man would move on to the next available toy. The two were great in sharing. If you asked one to give the item to the other, without hesitation they would extend their arm with toy in hand. Quite fun to watch!


Sarah said...

It's fun to have cousins so close in age!

Evenson Family said...

Adorable...just adorable...he is a BIG fun to have cousins so close in age.