Thursday, December 25, 2008


We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.


Kristen, Patrick & Gilbert


Lynne Johnston said...

Dear Kristen, Patrick & Gilbert,
Merry Christmas from Key West.

Thanks so much for giving us the blog address. I have spent the last hour reading all of it and catching up on your wonderful family.

Jim and I sent a gift to Gilbert from McKenzie Childs from Atlanta and we had never heard anything back from you so hope that you got it.

All the pics are wonderful and you are such a happy and fun looking family. I am keeping the blog on so Jim can see it when he comes upstairs.

Gilbert is such a beautiful little boy and I loved the picture of him just after his birth. He is one of the unusual lovely

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy 2009 filled with lots of love, laughter and fun.

Hugs & Kisses
Lynne & Jim
Jim's cell 305 304-3196
Lynne 305 304-8171

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa was good to all of you!