Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mystery Light

I'm working late again and just a few minutes ago I could hear Gilbert give a 'shout out'. I hurried in so he wouldn't wake Kristen up via the monitor.

To my surprise a light was on in his room. Huh? I looked at Gilbert. Gilbert looked at me. Both of us had a "What the hell is going on" look on our face. He's probably thinking, "Who's the jackass that turned on the light while I was sleeping!" It was clear the light woke him up.

I actually said to him, "Who turned on the light?" Like he's gonna answer! He did give me this shaken head thing as if to say, "I don't know. In fact I was going to ask you the same question!"

Turns out one of the lamps has a faulty connection. I knew this. Whoever used the lamp last (Kristen!) must have thought the light had been switched off only to dislodge the connection. Somehow the switch reconnected and the room was flooded with CFL light (energy conscious, thank you!).

I'm pleased to report that after some good snuggles with the Little Man he is now soundly back to sleep!

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Ms. Mayhem said...

...what a rude awakening. But, funny story.