Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gilbert's 1st Snow

Saturday night brought more snow to Chicago. Being condo-bound all day we thought it would be fun to get out and get Gilbert into the snow! Kristen bundled up Little Man as if he was Ralphy's younger brother...flexibility was limited! Heading to the neighborhood park the snow was a plenty.

Not sure what to do at first, Gilbert just sat in the snow and looked around. He did catch on to the snow falling and would point at the individual flakes as each fell to the ground. Others were in the park as well, some attempting to sled, and he was more interested in watching them.

Eventually he started to move around - again limited mobility! - and scooted down the hill. He also walked around a bit with assistance and really enjoyed it!

Our time didn't last long - maybe 20 minutes - as it was quite windy and getting colder by the minute. By the time we departed, Gilbert's cheeks and nose were quite rosy!

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