Monday, June 8, 2009

Rough Crossing

On one of the walls in Gilbert's room is a quilt my mom made for Kristen. With Gilbert's love of crane's and construction, Gram made a construction site quilt. Recently, Gilbert wants to stand on the changing table and point to all the different vehicles on the quilt. Time to bring it down we decided.

This decision left a blank wall. And that is not acceptable in Kristen's home! Over the Memorial Day weekend we were in MI visiting and Kristen brought back a road sign she STOLE back in her high school days. Yes, I'm married to a petty larcenist!

It is a cool sign though. I thought it would be more appropriate over our bed, but that idea was vetoed (for many reasons). Gilbert is in the stage where he wants to do or mimic everything I do. At one point during the sign hanging, he was up on the stool with me supervising. He is getting so big, so fast! And as for new stages, he's entered the cheesey grin for the camera phase as well!
When I was taking pics of the sign, the flash was on the first time, and considering the sign is reflective, I got this cool picture!

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Sarah said...

Kristen---I'm shocked! Cool Sign!