Sunday, June 14, 2009


I decided not to go to Omaha. It was a tough decision and I waited until the bitter end, but as I write this I'm glad I didn't go. USM might go on and with the whole thing, but I would have only seen the first game (maybe the second) and having witnessed the game live, I would have been ticked.

USM was a heavy underdog going into the CWS. We knocked off two #1 seeds, including #8 nationally ranked Florida, to get to Omaha. The lowest seed, USM played Texas (#1 in the nation) for its opener. The team showed no fear and played well. Both teams fought hard and after 5 innings the score was tied 2-2. The game went back and forth the remaining innings with USM taking a 5-4 lead late. And that is where the pain started. 1 out bases loaded, and up 5-4 they failed to get another run across that inning. Immediately following they allowed Texas back in the game with walks and then walked in the tie run and perhaps the lead run (my rage over the game has clouded my judgement!). Down 1 run, they can back to tie it, again! Only to give it up in the bottom of the ninth. Again, by loading the bases with two walks and a hit batsman. The USM reliever threw 8 straight balls to end the game and walk in the winning run.

If I had been at the game, I would have been incredibly pissed. Yeah, sure, great to be there, but to lose on a bases loaded walk-in. That would have been the breaking point. With the game over, the cameras panned the crowd and to see the USM fans writhing in pain, angst, and disappointment was all to evident. I can only imagine the drive back having been witness to that game. Instead, I swore loud for a few minutes, turned the television off in disgust and moved on.

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