Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day At Gilbert's School

Thursday was "Dad's Day" at Montessori. That meant all the dads could come hang out with their kids. I had been looking forward to this day all week. I've felt as if I've been on the periphery of Gilbert and school. This was finally my opportunity to get to know his teachers, see his room, and watch him interact.

Interact. Funny. All Little Man did was stuff his face with food. Each family was asked to bring in some food to share. We brought pineapple. Excuse me, "Pappple". Well, he ate his share of that along with pizza, crackers, waffle cookies, and more. He'd take his plate over to the food, load it up, walk it back (I find it amusing to watch how carefully he walks to keep his plate level and balanced!), pull out his chair, sit down and fill up.

I figured after the second trip he would be done and then Gilbert would be interested in showing me his 'work'. Uh, no. A third, fourth, and fifth trip to the food ensued. We will definitely be taking him to the all you can eat buffets! I had to take the plate away just to get him to stop! Plate not needed, he started to pick off food one at a time. This was getting out of hand!

Finally I distracted him enough to show me the room and his cubby station. After such a large meal, he took me to the 'reading chair' where he plopped down with a good book and read for a few minutes.

I'd show you pictures, but all you would see is Gilbert jamming pizza squares in his mouth!

I finally did get to talk with Gilbert's teachers and they said he is ready for potty training. I guess when the kids are taking into the bathroom, he trots on in, points to his man stuff and wants to sit on the toilet. He even showed me how he flushes the toilet, and then walks over to the little peoples sink, turns on the water, gets his soap, washes his hands, dries off, and then disposes of the towel in the garbage. So cool!

Well, he might be ready, but his parents are not!

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