Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

We gave up paying money to get Gilbert a haircut a long time ago. The experience was miserable for all involved and besides, kids' hair is always messed up anyway!

Kristen has been snipping here and there to make Little Man look presentable, but the time had come to venture back out for the trusted shears of a professional. Instead of going to a kid-friendly establishment, we went old school. Gilbert received a cut from my barber.

In my neighborhood is a family barber shop run by two sisters in their mid-twenties that learned from their father. He was truly old school! Anyway, I've been going to them for awhile and they continually give me grief for not having brought Gilbert in for a visit. Well, beware what you ask for!

I made an appointment for Saturday so Gilbert could get a big boy haircut!

Knowing Gilbert takes awhile to warm up to a new surrounding we arrive a few minutes early so he could soak in the place. Shy at first, he did eventually get comfortable and that was the green light for the trimming of Little Man's hair.

What a fantastic experience! Lexi, the one who cuts my hair, was great with Gilbert and Little Man did not shed a tear. He wasn't exactly all smiles, but he sat in my lap and let her give him a good make over! He'd turn his head when she asked and by the time it was all done, he was offering high fives!

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Sarah said...

The barber is the best place to go! The kids places are way overpriced and I think a barber does a better job.