Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dinnertime Cleanup

Gilbert is an excellent helper. He's great with picking up his toys, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper, placing his shoes in the closest and even likes to take out the garbage. Oh yeah, our dry cleaner is on the first floor of our condo, and when I say "Let's go see Mr. Dry Cleaning Man," I better mean it, because Little Man is in full gear putting his shoes on and ready to go out the door. He gets mad if I don't let him drag my dry cleaning bag down the hall, to the elevator, across the lobby and on the sidewalk to the dry cleaner. I need to get that on film!

Still my favorite is how he insists on putting his dirty plate in the dishwasher!

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Evenson Family said...

He is welcome in our home any day!! Great little helper. Go Gilbert...someday your "wifey" will love you that much more! Yes, PJ...he will have to marry someday...I know...the thought of it makes us all sick. We want them forever, don't we??!! Well, somedays more than others...
Hugs from FRICKIN hot Dubai!!