Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a Foodie

Yep, I love food. Not just eating it, but everything about it. Those of you that know me, understand what I'm talking about. I have a passion for food!

Whether studying the various cuts of meat and making my own dry rubs to experimenting with recipes to just cooking in general, I love it!

When we found out Kristen was pregnant with Gilbert, I could not wait to purchase my first cookbook for kids. Our friends, the Reinheimer's, gave us a book as well.

I was on a mission to ensure the food Gilbert ate was the best quality and free of any avoidable badness (like that? It is a technical term). In fact, I started with our own food. I did a post back in the early stages of this blog about milk and chicken and where you could find both free of antibiotics and hormones. We switched and now are looking into other areas. My current project is to secure enough interest among friends to buy a cow (or part of it) directly from the farmer!

Well, since then, my new goal is to eat local as much as possible. And I'm determined. After reading this article in the Sunday Tribune, we can improve.

I'm not saying empty your wallet and go to Whole Foods. No. We don't shop there for most of our stuff. Besides, they don't necessarily buy local either.

Instead, turn to your local farmer directly or go to farmers markets.

I'm tired of reading about problems in the commercial food chain and paying higher costs for mediocre produce at the grocery store. We've always been a fan of the local farmers market and this year we are going to improve how and what we buy from local farmers.

So, if you have ever thought about improving where and how you buy your food, I encourage you to 'go local'. Chances are it is easier than you think and the costs are negligible.

To get you started, visit these sites:

I know our friends Spring and Summer seem a long way away, but the farmer's markets will be arriving soon and the opportunity to buy all you need, locally, will be closer than you think!

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