Friday, March 21, 2008

Formula Milk. No Friend of Mine!

Kristen went out last night so we decided to feed Gilbert formula for his bedtime feeding. We've used formula before, but only rarely and typically in emergency type situations. Our stores of pumped milk are beginning to taper off, and since that stuff is liquid gold and in need during the weekdays, formula was the decision.

Gilbert drank it down as if it was the same stuff. However, come 3:30am the man was a farting machine. Seriously! If we harnessed that wind we could have powered a small Dutch village!

He's been waking up more often than not at this hour and since we are attempting to ween him from that feeding, Dad has the privilege of getting up with Gilbert to sooth him back to sleep. You Moms know why. Because once the child smells his mother, it is all about the Pavlovian response to feeding.

Well, I soothed him as he worked through his 'issues'. Some of his wind was indeed mighty. I think I checked his diaper twice convinced he had filled his drawers. But no! Just good old fashioned flatulence.

An hour later he was back asleep and I retired for what was left of my sleep. On top of that, I awoke - groggily - to a snowfall.

Good Friday? I think not!


Cindy (aka Ms. Mayhem) said...

I am laughing.

The Mom of 'em said...

We had the same experience! Now we just give him Baby Mylicon with says half a dropper...but I've learned from the Dr.'s office that if he accidentally gets a full dropper - you can't really OD on the we use it now. Our son got used to the formula after awhile. I wish I had saved up more liquid gold...cuz around 4 months he got SO impatient and we were turning to formula more and at 5 months...he's about 95% formula. Boo - and expensive! good luck with your little toot. =-)