Friday, April 17, 2009

One Step Back

Hopefully I'm typing coherently, because I'm sure not thinking so! Kristen and I are beginning to take on a zombie-like state of being. Why so, you ask?

Well, Little Man - this week - has decided that 5am is an acceptable time to wake up!

Kristen and I have become accustomed to 6, 6:30, even 7am. But 5am? No way! And Gilbert is not happy at that time either. He's grumpy and wants to be held. And when that doesn't happen he gets even more grumpy. All this slows down our morning prep for the day. Not fun.

And as a result, he's going back to two naps on some days. All this is a bit of a set back from the prior weeks. Hopefully we can right the ship this weekend. Otherwise, we might actually turn into braindead zombies!


Ms. Mayhem said...

Will he go back to sleep if you bring him into your bed? Some times that is what the little ones want and it allows you a bit more sleeping time.

Sarah said...

Charlie is an early riser as well and often likes to wake up at 5:15. Hang in there!