Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Come Sunday, the family had assembled. Kristen's brother and his family, her sister, parents, and Team Johnson totalling 13 warm bodies (including the dogs!). Good times.

Unfortunately, Kathy twisted her knee on Saturday night, so she and was couch-ridden for the weekend. So we just congregated around her. Gilbert was all over the place. Opening kitchen cabinets (surprising since he doesn't do it at home) and chasing 'black dog' around.

We did an egg hunt for Gilbert and at first he was oblivious, but did warm up to the concept of hunting and gathering.

But in the end, all he wanted to do was be thrown into the air. And you know his daddy didn't pass up on that opportunity.

Definitely heavier, it was a physical effort to hoist Little Man into the air and definitely required focus to make sure his near 30 lbs of downward force didn't go through my hands! Click on the picture and see the elation on Gilbert's face!


Sarah said...

Dad's just love to throw their kids in the air! It freaks us moms out!

Evenson Family said...

I swear to GOD...If I was married to you...I'D KILL YOU...for many reasons...but mostly, for the crazy ass gene you got when it comes to rough housin' kids!!!! You are so ADHD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya,