Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Help me!

See this picture? I am giving the sign for 'please'. As in "PLEASE PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON ME!"
This isn't Family Guy. I'm not Stewie. This is Chicago. It is a typical crappy, cold Spring. The only thing between me and 30 degree temperatures is this diaper and a 1/2 inch pane of glass that is 10 feet wide! How warm can that be! Jeez.

And then there is this picture. They want me to work on doing my business on a potty. Whatever that is. I go and do it and then, SNAP, it is picture time. Then they wonder why I sneak off into the corner. TO GET SOME DAMN PRIVACY!


Sarah said...

Poor Gilbert! He gets no privacy! He definitely needs some reading material.

Rebecca said...

We just bought a potty (today) for O. Feel free to share any tips!