Monday, April 6, 2009


This past weekend Kristen and I enjoyed the weekend Gilbert free. No, we didn't lock him in his room while we were out! Kristen's Mom, Taya, offered to keep Little Man for a weekend. Who can say no to that offer!

So, on Friday Kristen spent the day getting Gilbert acclimated to his weekend surroundings and was back home in time to do her wifey duties and clean the condo!

We spent Friday night knocking out the bs of life - chores, grocery, etc. - and finished off the evening with some cold beers while watching Pineapple Express. Saturday we got up early and went for a walk crosstown to catch a pre-matinee (10am!). From there off to the gym, followed by an afternoon nap and then out for the evening to watch the Final Four! Sunday we slept in, woke naturally without the aid of an alarm and then heading out to snatch up our Little Man! The weekend went fast, but was just what we needed to recharge.
Admittedly, it was a bit weird to have a quite home. No Little Man walking around squawking. No timetable for feeding or bathing. And the topping? Sleeping in!

What did Gilbert do? Hmm. He has learned how to share his food with a dog. Now knows how to pet cats and dogs softly (no slapping or grabbing fur!), and was treated to a burger, fries, and ice cream from McD's. The spoils of staying with grandparents!
He also went to the local zoo which gave him plenty of space to walk around.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a great weekend for everyone! Take advantage of those breaks---we all need them so that we can be awesome parents!