Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Photo

During our trip to Nashville, we did an outing to the zoo. A little background. My friends are comprised of four siblings (three boys, one girl). Three are married and have spawned offspring for a total of six kids! Throw in Team Johnson and it was a convoy of strollers and little people loose on zoo grounds! What a blast!

The Nashville Zoo is impressive. Nice to see what can be done with wildlife when acreage is not an issue. A distinct difference from the urban zoos in Chicago. Both are good, just different. The Nashville Zoo is spread out. Waaaaay out! So, the kids had the opportunity to run, walk and be thoroughly exhausted by the end. Made for some good afternoon naps! Gilbert slept 2 1/2 hours. As did his daddy!
For Gilbert, his eyes were wide in amazement. The first wild zone we ventured upon had gibbons chattering and dancing among the trees. Little Man was in a trance watching the primates interact. As a parent, it was gratifying to see Gilbert connect the pages in his books with the 'real thing'. He even made a few monkey sounds along the way!

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