Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Water Park Dinnertime Chaos

In my earlier post I mentioned the chaos that was our Saturday night. I attempted, feebly so, to capture all the kids in pictures. Yeah, right!

Even with the super duper camera back in action, I was unable to get a clear picture. I even found a setting that instructed the camera to track and focus on kids faces (cool feature, not very effective)! I think the camera even gave up attempting to get a clear shot of four rambunctious and one docile child (J likes to sit and watch!). In this photo, Gilbert demonstrates the proper technique in performing a Vulcan Mind Meld on K.

Tired of playing with the little 'boys', big girls K and M, retire to watch some Nick at Nite.

And my favorite. M's little brother K is on the lookout as Gilbert makes a run at the adult cooler.

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