Friday, February 20, 2009


Little Man is sick. Last weekend we attended a sort of welcome home party for friends on assignment in Dubai. Well, one of the kids had a stomach bug (all parents were given forewarning!).

Two days later Gilbert caught the bug. In the car, strapped into his car seat he got sick. Poor guy! He slowly improved the next few days, but got sick again on Tuesday night and then again last night.

To exacerbate the situation, he received his MMR vaccination last week and a typical response is a slight fever. Add a third element - the arrival of his eye teeth resulting in potential ills, not to mention a running faucet of drool - and you have the perfect storm resulting in a sick Little Man.

Despite all this, he continues to smile and laugh, but is clearly not at his best. He wants to snuggle and be held. Particularly from his mommy! Last night was especially rough (he woke up from getting sick while sleeping) so Kristen cuddled with Gilbert and the two slept on the couch (she doesn't work on Fridays).

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Sarah said...

Hope you feel better Gilbert! It always seems to hit at once.