Monday, February 9, 2009

Rookie Mistake

I'm watching the President give his first address (waiting for 24 to start!) and you can tell he's a bit nervous. How? He's talking too much and trying to hard to impress upon people the stimulus plan.

I do coaching for presenting and one tip is to pause between sentences. As a speaker that moment of silence - which is truly a split second - seems like eternity to the person speaking. What happens is the person keeps talking and fills the silence with words like 'um' and 'and'. President Obama made those rookie mistakes. Too many times he made a profound statement only to continue to talk filling the air with words and as a result dilute his message. I'm sure his speak will be studied by his team and he'll be coached. Cut him some slack, though, as he said in his speech he has inherited a lot of this mess.

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