Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quiet Week

It has been quiet with Team Johnson. Just the routine. Gilbert has returned to normal. As normal can be as it always seems 'something' is going on with Little Man. Every day is a new development.

He's working so hard to communicate, but if only his sounds and words were intelligible! He's using the same sounds and pitch to describe what he sees. It is all just goobly gook, though! Bubbles are 'bubbaba'. Window is 'indo'. And the list goes on. Dada and Mama are staples. His cousin's name is Japser. We hear 'asp'.

But boy he understands what we are saying. Ask him to walk across the room and open/close a door? Done. Ask him to grab one of his favorite books by name from a pile of many. You bet! It is so much fun!

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