Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snuggly Saturday

When Gilbert wants comfort he usually gives Kristen the nod over me. However, Saturday was different. We had just finished feeding him breakfast and were contemplating packing up and heading back out to the suburbs to complete the trip that was derailed the weekend prior when Little Man puked in the car.
Going out was quickly scrubbed when Kristen turned around from cleaning up the kitchen to see this....

It is was clear Gilbert was still not feeling at his best and was sleepy to boot. So, we cuddled. It was awesome! Kristen threw Little Man's blanket over him and we just walked around. You can tell Gilbert was enjoying it. Check out the faint smile on his face. He quickly feel asleep and logged almost a two hour morning nap!

Refreshed, we did head out to the burbs. Specifically to the Design Expo, which unfortunately is a national chain owned by Home Depot and is going out of business. We went shopping for a new guest bathroom vanity, but instead snagged good deals on a ceiling fan for Gilbert and new faucet and light fixture for the master bath.

Looks like I'll be Tim the Toolman this weekend!

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Sarah said...

It's too bad that Gilbert wasn't quite himself but you have to enjoy the snuggles when you can get them!